Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fun Link Up Party #4 !!!

 I apologize for the delay in posting this is my busiest time of year with everyone ordering Valentine supplies. I miss blogging and hope to stay on top of things.

Some of you noticed some changes to my blog well I want to thank Keren from Free Pretty Things For You for making these changes possible. She set up a lovely Friday Fun Link Up Party post design for me! She also added some beautiful blue lace to my blog template and placed some navigational tabs up top which I am still working on getting set up.

If anyone has a linky party they want me to post under my Linky Parties tab just let me know and I will be more than happy to add it to my list. Keren set up a "search this blog box" and "follow by email box" too so it's easier to navigate and follow. Thank you so much Keren for doing such a beautiful job as always!!

I want to share a few lovely things that were posted on my last linky party!

I love this idea from The Cottage Market! Andrea is so clever and has some of the most beautiful and useful tutorials I have ever seen! Just looking through her blog makes me happy!

This heart box is gorgeous it's from Life With Terri! She did a beautiful job on this piece her work is outstanding talk about talented!

Great money saving tips from Ms. Redo! I will be using her advice our goal is to save money this year! She has the best recipes and crafts and tips I just love her blog!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to join my party and post thier beautiful items!

Okay now onto Friday Fun Link Up Party #4!!

 Please share
photos of your favorite  

tutorials, giveaways, crafts, recipes, shops,


whatever you want 

as long as it's Family Friendly.

If you
haven't already please link up one of my buttons to your blog post or on
 your blog.

Have fun at the party!



  1. thank you my sweet friend for hosting this fabulous party!!!! you are so sweet and kind...know that you are loved and appreciated : ) sending hugs...

  2. Can't believe it's Friday... AGAIN!!! boy the time is Zipping by... I wonder if that has something to do with going a mile a minute these days :)
    Just linked up a couple things... Have a blessed Friday!!!

  3. Hey Precious Pops!! You're welcome and thank you so much for joining I am so excited! Thank you for your sweet words you are a dear precious friend and I always feel loved and appreciated by you!! Sending hugs back to you and your family especially the little angel fur babies! ♥

  4. I know what you mean Angelina! Thank you so much for linking up some adorable things I LOVE THEM!!! Hugs, Jennifer ♥

  5. Eek, I'm so excited about your new look and your tabs and everything - your blog is just so beautiful!!! I'm also excited to be featured on your beautiful blog - thanks so much. I hope we both save tons of money this year :) Hugs ~ Mary

  6. Eek, I'm so excited about your new look, your new tabs - it's all so beautiful and organized!!! I'm also excited to be featured at your beautiful blog! Thank so much for hostessing this week ... I finally actually did something with a Pinterest pin and blogged about it! Hugs ~ Mary

  7. Fun to participate this week! Your blog is looking fantastic!

  8. Hi Jennifer!
    I want to say you that your blog is absolutely wonderful!! So lovely, sweet and cute!:)

  9. Oh dear, I made something *else* from Pinterest, so I linked that up, too. I think I'm in a rut :) Thanks again for hostessing the party! Hugs ~ Mary

  10. Your Welcome My Dear!!! :)

    hank you for being such a "Sweet" Customer! ;)

  11. Hi Jennifer, Your blog is so beautiful that I'm thrilled. Thank you for such beauty!

  12. Thank you so much Carolina for your sweet comments!!

  13. Thank you so much Keren I love working with you!!!

  14. Thank you so much Mary I love all of your posts keep it up the more the merrier!!

  15. Thank you so much Perlilla Pets for your sweet comments!!

  16. Thank you so much Jil you're so sweet! ♥

  17. Thank you so much Michelle you're a sweetie I'm so glad you participated! ♥


Thank you so much for your sweet comments! God bless you and yours!

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