Monday, July 25, 2011

Scott's 30th Birthday!

My precious husband just turned 30 today! To celebrate we went to Savannah Georgia for the weekend and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast.

This was the outside of the bed and breakfast we stayed at it was called Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn. The street leading to it had a canopy of trees covered with moss it was so southern and very beautiful! The parks were the prettiest we have ever seen.

We had a lovely room with a four poster bed and fireplace. We also had our own little library too.

I love the moss growing on the trees we have it here in north Florida too but it just seems even more beautiful in Savannah.

We went to Tybee Island and toured downtown Savannah. We drove by Paula Deen's restaurant and shop but here were so many people there my anxiety kicked in and I just couldn't stop. We will try to stop by there next time we are in Savannah.

This is the beautiful City Hall of Savannah. We had so much fun and really enjoyed our precious time together. Happy Birthday sweetie I love you so much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your dh! I'm glad you both had a fantastic time!

  2. Thank you so much Connie you're a sweetie!!

  3. Oh happy birthday to your gorgeous Scott! Please send him my best wishes!! It looks like your weekend was just lovely Jennifer! Oh my,I dream of going to Savannah, I used to watch an old TV show about it and loooooved it!!! (Aptly it was called Savannah LOL - I loved the way they talked!!!) so sorry your anxiety played up on you, I totally understand that one :(! maybe next time my beautiful friend!! (goodness me, look at you, you are a like a movie star!!!)
    Sending you much love and hugs and prayers!
    Jen xoxoxoxox

  4. Thank you so much Jen you're a sweetie I will tell him! Oh you would love it there I bet that was a great show! I knew you would understand about the anxiety. It was a miracle that I even went to Savannah I was afraid but prayed and the Lord brought us through safely. Thank you for the movie star comment you make me blush!! It's the makeup girlfriend it does wonders! Sending you much love and hugs back, Jennifer May xoxoxoxo

  5. I bet you had a great time, it all looks so beautiful.

  6. We did thank you so much Jean! It was very beautiful we will have to go back again sometime!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments! God bless you and yours!

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