Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Items At Sugar Pink Boutique!

I have been filling my shop with new items and some good ole favorites! I am gearing up for the big Halloween and Christmas shopping spree that starts every September. I just received some sweet embellishments for my shop, Cupcakes and sugar coated Peppermints!

German Glass Glitter in Gold just in time for those Christmas craft projects!

Also I have Black for those Halloween projects and more colors are arriving this week!

I found this soft and sweet trim called Pale Pink Bunny Tail Pom Pom Trim. It's one of my favorite trims, I have so many I know but this one is really adorable!

Also I received another shipment of the Shabby Chic Fabric for those of you that were inquiring about them. I sold out so quickly last time and just sold more from this batch.

I know some of you were asking when I would get more Candylights in stock and I received my shipment of bulbs and strands the other day so my shop is stocked. I am going to be getting in more Swirly Candylight Bulbs those sold out in a couple of days. They should be in by the end of the month. They are making them especially for my shop so they are exclusive!

More goodies to come later this week from Halloween Trims to Decorative Soaps! I will be blogging about them as soon as they arrive.

Oh I wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments on my feature last week, they meant a lot to me! I was so busy with sales I didn't have time to respond to all of your loving comments so thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I hope you all have a blessed week!!


  1. oh my goodness!!! Sweetness overload - how can you not wanna eat those little peppermints lol!!!! Do you know what size those little swirly lights are - I may have to order one just to see if it will fit my studio chandelier - how great would it be it they did :)!!!
    Hope you are well Jennifer, will be in with an order soon!
    Hugs my sweet friend!
    Jen xoxo

  2. Oh My...those candies look good enough to eat...that bunny tail pom pom trim is adorable...who wouldn't want something as cute as a bunnies tail... : ) So happy to hear how things are flying off the shelf...
    Have a VERY blessed day...

  3. Thank you so much Jenny! I know the peppermints are yum! I had pastel candy canes last year and they flew out of shop. I am hoping to find those again this year.

    The lights are bigger than the 5 watt Candylight bulbs that I sell these are 7 what bulbs. The bulb measures (not including the silicone swirl at the top) 1.25" x 3". These would look so pretty on a chandelier!

    I am doing great thank you, I hope you are too! I miss you and look forward to hearing from you! Hugs!!!!

  4. Thank you so much Angelina!! I always get excited when I find cute goodies for my shop! I will be emailing you soon!! Have a blessed day too! Hugs!!!

  5. Oh my!! Those little cupcakes and peppermints.....adorable! Love the new bunny tail trim too and of course the candylights are awesome!! The fabric, ok, I love it all! So glad to hear that your shop is doing so well. You certainly have the sweetest shop! Hugs,

  6. Awwww thank you Barbara you're such a sweetie!! I love hearing from you and miss you oodles!!!! BIG HUGSSSSS!!!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments! God bless you and yours!

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